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Pollinators documentaries

More than Honey

This documentary focuses on the relationship between honeybees and small family beekeepers as well as commercial beekeepers from Australia, China, Switzerland and America. A beautiful film featuring stunning close ups of bees in their natural element. This documentary gives you a lenseye perspective of life in a honey bee colony. (Official Trailer)

Queen of the Sun: what are the bees telling us?

Perhaps one of the most unconventional documentaries on honeybees. This documentary made me laugh and cry. After watching this movie you’ll think twice before munching on an almond. You’ll learn in-depth about the innovative design of the Sun hive. A beautiful biodynamic hive made in rye straw that respects the well-being of the colony. An informative and defining documentary, ‘Queen of the Sun’ is a must for apiculturists across the board. (Official Trailer)

Vanishing of the Bees

The movie highlights the challenges bees are facing in this fast modernizing world. With a special focus on “Colony Collapse Disorder,” it presents us the economic, political and ecological implications of the worldwide disappearance of the honeybee. This documentary follows organic and commercial beekeepers fighting against big corporation and trying to save their bees. (Official Trailer)

Who killed the honey bees? 

Introduced by Martha Kearney, this BBC documentary, full-length available on YouTube, explores the reasons behind the decline of bee colonies across the globe, investigating the key contributors to the devastation. This simple documentary is a good introduction to Colony Collapse Disorder. A 50-minute documentary explaining tracing the history of commercial beekeepers. (Full Movie)

The Last Beekeeper

In 1950, the United States had a work force numbering 200,000 beekeepers, in 2008, there were less than 1,600! One of the eldest professions in the world faces extinction. The movie follows the struggles of three American beekeepers as their colonies are threatened by a mysterious illness. A unique perspective on commercial beekeeping. (Official Trailer)

What's Killing Our Bees A Horizon Special

Bill Turnbull investigates one of the biggest mysteries in the British countryside: what is killing our bees. It is a question that generates huge controversy. Changes in the weather, pesticides and even a deadly virus have all all been blamed. It is a question that Bill is all too familiar with as a beekeeper himself. He meets the scientists who are fitting minute radar transponders on to bees to try to find answers. (Full Movie)

Honeybee shortage for crop pollination

Europe has 13.4M too few honeybee colonies to properly pollinate its crops, according to new research from the University of Reading. The discovery, co-funded by BBSRC and made by scientists at the university's Centre for Agri-Environmental Research (CAER), shows that demand for insect pollination is growing five times as fast as the number of honeybee colonies across Europe as farmers grow more insect-pollinated oil crops, such as oilseed rape and sunflowers, and fruit.

Working with farmers to save bees

Professor Simon Potts explains the ongoing research at the University of Reading on pollination and farming cultivation.

University of Reading opens bee hotel

Professor Simon Potts, from the University of Reading's Centre for Agri-Environmental Research, talks about how people and organisations can play a role in helping to halt the decline in British bee populations by providing homes, habitat and food for these vital pollinating insects.

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