Job Alert: Postdoctoral Research Associate Position Available in Honey Bee Phylogenetics

Honey Bee Research and Extension Laboratory (HBREL),University of Florida seeks to appoint a highly motivated Postdoctoral Researcher to coordinate the HBREL’s research in the area of honey bee ecology and conservation. Additionally, the successful candidate will lead a research program tasked with the following objectives:

1)Create and catalog a reference collection of Cape (Apis mellifera capensis), African (A.m. scutellata), and Asian (A. cerana) honey bees.
2)Generate a molecular identification technique than can be used to identify the ancestry of unknown subspecies of honey bees rapidly, especially Cape and African honey bees, but also Asian honey bees.
3)Assist in the development of a wing geometry-based identification system for various races and species of honey bees.
4)Employ the latest molecular and morphometric phylogenetic techniques to address honey bee population dynamics, with a focus in South Africa and Florida.

The candidate must be able to integrate successfully into a laboratory employing students, technicians, and post docs with varied interests. Furthermore, the candidate must be able to work with bees (therefore, cannot be allergic to bee stings) and under inclement conditions (such as hot, humid, rainy, or cold weather). Thorough quarterly and yearly project reports must be generated by the successful applicant to fulfill the duties associated with grant and sponsored program requirements. The candidate is expected to participate in knowledge transfer (extension) to relevant clientele groups and to mentor graduate and undergraduate students assigned to the project. Domestic and international (specifically, Germany) travel is anticipated. The Postdoc will report directly to the project Principal Investigator, Dr. Jamie Ellis. The successful applicant must (1) be self-motivated, (2) be able to work independently, on their own initiative, and as part of a multi-disciplinary team, and (3) have a history of publishing refereed manuscripts.

Find more information in the full job offer attached below.

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